My reads

Of course I live in Dimchurch Spire and of course I do a lot of reading.

The books I love the most would be:

Treasure Island.  Just perfect!  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to write a sequel to this, but it turns out that Andrew Motion did just that.  R.F Delderfield (if memory serves) wrote a prequel.

Independence Day.  Not the film, or the film of the book, but the story by the American writer Richard Ford.   He writes for adults, but not all the adults like him.    They’re a mixed lot, adults.

The Jungle Book.  Almost anything by Kipling would make this list. Even when I’m not reading him I’m carrying him around to remind me how it should be done.

The midnight folk.  Masefield wrote this almost in one go (it seems to me) and that is why it’s a bit rough around the edges and full of amazing events and episodes that just couldn’t have been planned.  I particularly like the bit where Kay is taken down to the guard-room and finds out that the toys that he thought he’d lost or had taken from him are all  alive and well and secretly looking after him still.  I like it that Masefield was homeless for quite a while when he lived in New York, but he still ended up a famous poet and novelist.

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