Alleycat’s gone but he’s not forgotten

Pink on her table

Alleycat’s gone but he’s not forgotten. In Bugle Street they’re saying he drives his train too fast and overtakes on hills, ignores red lights and so on. Pink hopes it’s true. She’d like to sit next to him and hang out of the window while the fields rush by. Imagine that, the wind in her whiskers. Unfortunately, she’s fated to stay where she is and wait for Alleycat’s return, and while she sits on her strange, carved table and stares across the Six Foot, she invents all sorts of rumours and if you can believe it, she’s the source of all the Alleycat stories, even the slanders. As soon as she’s got a new one, she runs to tell Bertie and afterwards Bertie sits by the back door and waits for Alleycat to confirm it.



5 thoughts on “Alleycat’s gone but he’s not forgotten

    • True enough. But sometimes there’s a cat, a really amazing cat. And I’m talking Alleycat here and cats like him (there must be lots). And that cat’s so amazing he puts all the other cats in the shade and lords it over them and over the humans too by the force of his character. He’s like the ancient Kings. A cat like that, he never really passes!

      • True enough! My Coolidge (1998-2015) was like that; and he was companionable, as well. I suppose he took us as co-dominants.

        Effie is very different–she isn’t particularly dominant, but a smoothy who simply gets her way, and carries her own keys to immortality. She’s not out and about with other cats, but I’m sure she’d want to be friends with them if she were.

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