Bamber’s tug of war

Bamber doesn’t understand cameras; when I try to shoot him he grabs the cord that goes around my wrist, rips the whole thing out of my fingers and turns the lens on me. It’s different for Pink. When she gets her claws into something they usually get stuck because she’s so incompetent. Then she panics and calls for help and has to be rescued. Bamber doesn’t panic. He likes a tug of war. On top of that, Pink really wants to be on camera and she considers herself a local celebrity (although she seldom goes out of doors) . She’d definitely like her picture on all the front pages in all the magazines and she’s always yelling for attention from the newshounds. Bamber and Alleycat like a bit of attention, but mostly they like to keep a low profile and sleep as much as possible. They don’t want to be targeted by the local newshounds.Pink's little yell


One thought on “Bamber’s tug of war

  1. Greetings from the professor! Hmmm. Bamber sounds like the professor in that he likes to keep a low profile and sleep a lot. He’s a feline after the professor’s own heart dadblameit! Manothunder great photos! Thanks for the blog….

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