Alleycat vs the teddy bears

Pink's not sureThe cats are sharing the house with a gang of teddy bears who’ve appeared as if by magic on the sofa and (more worryingly) on the mantelpiece. The bears sit and stare and rarely move, and they’re a bit like the cats in the way they manage to retain their composure no matter what happens around them. Nothing can make them stir a limb or move a muscle, and that’s quite all right by Bamber, who lies among them and sleeps right next to them.Bamber and theteddies But Pink is uncertain and feels a little uncomfortable in their presence; she sometimes stares at them quizzically, as if she can’t understand what it means to be a teddy bear and even when she’s cleaning her paws she’s thinking about them. Alleycat’s reaction is different. He has no reaction at all. He carries on sleeping in the gentlemen’s club chairs in the garden and he hasn’t come indoors to speak to the teddy bears since they first appeared. I think he’s waiting for them to come to him.Pink and the paw


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