The year’s not for turning

PinkieIt’s not the turning of the year yet, but Alleycat and Pink act like it won’t be long (Alleycat has his mind on winter because he’s old and important and knows what’s coming and Pink talks about snowmen and storms because she likes to be contrary). They’re both making plans to enjoy the last of the sunny days before the big retreat indoors for the long months of stony cold. There’ll be icicles in the Six Foot and some of the cats can’t wait.Autumn The milk will be frozen in the pails. The drifts will be ten foot deep and the cattle will huddle in the sheds for comfort. Bamber of course pays no heed to any of that. He doesn’t blow on his nails in anticipation of the cold snap and he doesn’t actually want it. He’s happy as he is. He likes it when the wind is bitter and the snow is thick. He enjoys it but he doesn’t want it to come any faster than usual. Pink and Alleycat on the other hand are laying in the stores and getting ready for nights by the woodburner.Pink by the woodburner


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