The slow-worm’s friend

Soaking up the sunThe encroacher situation is under control (not that Alleycat and Bamber ever regarded it as a situation anyway). But now that the encroachers are well under claw, Alleycat sleeps all day just as he ever did and Pink’s back to her normal self, eating as much as possible and asking for her photo to be taken whenever she sees a camera. TastyBut one thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t any slow-worms in the Six Foot. Bamber likes slow-worms. He’ll often sit and watch by the airbricks that lead into the secret cellars under our house, because he knows that’s where the slow-wroms live, and by the end of August at latest one worm has usually been to see him and catch up on what’s been happening above ground. Only this year it hasn’t happened. At least we haven’t seen any slow-worms and I’m sure their non-appearance has something to do with the encroacher situation. Of course most cats hate slow-worms. They fear them because they’re blind, and anything that can’t see in this world can normally see twice as well in the other world, the hidden kingdom where magic holds sway. I doubt if the encroachers share Bamber’s understanding of the situation. There he is by the airbrick, waiting and hoping that the slow-worms will send him word. If he has to he’ll fight to defend them, and then the encroachers had better watch out.Waiting


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