Pink, be careful!

reassuring PinkThe encroachers have affected Pink badly. She can’t sleep at night, or in the day, without worrying they’ll come and get her. She spends her whole time watching, or she would, except that I’m taking her under my wing in the day and letting her sleep in our bedroom at night.  This has given her increased confidence, but that brings its own problems because it means that now she doesn’t cower indoors and look for protection from Alleycat and Bamber – instead she swaggers out of doors alone and shows off and acts like she’s invulnerable.  Of course, in a way she is invulnerable because she’s got Alleycat and Bamber to look after her.  But they can’t be with her all the time and basically I’m worried she’s going to get into trouble she can’t deal with on her own.  Alleycat’s been talking to her about it, but I don’t think she’s listening.Pink at Play


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