The Poo Plot

Yes, it was mePink’s naughty side came out this week. We’d sold some fancy cotton and silk articles on eBay and Pink was on the kitchen table when we got them ready for the post. Just for a moment we left the parcel unattended and went out of the room, and that’s when Pink saw her chance and covered the contents in cat poo. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the items hadn’t been expensive silks and fine cotton oddments, the kind of things that don’t take well to being shipped out along with cat poo accompaniment. We sealed the parcel and sent it out none the wiser. You can imagine the recipient wasn’t terribly happy. Pink didn’t care though, and she owned up at once when we confronted her with our suspicions. “Yes, I did it.” she said. “I thought it best. After all, those fancy textiles were just crying out to be contaminated, weren’t they.” We could tell she was pleased with herself and was rather enjoying the awkwardness she’d caused.So pleased


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