The dreamy eye

The yawnAlleycat spends whole days in a trance, especially if he needs to sort out disputes between the local cats, who all look to him for guidance and advice. If there’s a question he can’t answer, he just goes to sleep and sinks into the deepest state of trance you can imagine. He spends day after day in a dreamy state on his throne in the garden (it’s a Lloyd Loom chair) sleeping and dreaming and walking in distant places, up on the clouds. And when he wakes up it’s as if no time at all has passed for him, and he yawns, and stretches, and jumps on top of the tallest fence post in the Six Foot and summons the neighbours to listen to his wise pronouncements. Usually the neighbours think this is awfully funny of him. They don’t really understand what he gets up to most of the time and they never go to Dreamland like Alleycat does.Secret informationNow and then Alleycat tells Pink what he sees when he walks abroad in dreamland, but Pink isn’t interested in any of that and she thinks it’s all a bit peculiar. She prefers to have her ears tickled, than listen to Alleycat’s weird tales, but more than once Alleycat’s been able to stop her running into trouble, by telling what he’s seen in his dreamy eye.Scratch


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