It must be summer

Covering upAll at once there are many usual animals in Alleycat’s garden. Bamber’s been seen with a hedgehog, trying to make it understand cat-speak, and now and then a frog’s hopped in from next door and asked if Alleycat’s at home. Alleycat spends his days asleep on his chair and most of the time he’s drunk on sunshine. The boy-cats only come in to sleep, or eat, and even Pink spends more time out of the house. Looking down her nosePink likes to run around the garden and smell the flowers, but she can’t cope out of doors at all and shouldn’t be there. Just now she ran through the kitchen door and into the garden, but the wind rattled and flapped the canopy of the garden swing and she didn’t like that and ran straight back; but before she could reach the safety of the kitchen, the wind caught the door and it flew shut in her face. That scared her as much as the flapping of the wind in the canopy, so she ran back out and screamed for Alleycat, who didn’t come because he was sleeping, and Bamber couldn’t come either, because he was in the bedroom, waking up.Bamber's bed

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