At the Ginge Club’s beck and call

Alleycat and meThe dogs have trained me to give them a walk when I get up in the morning.  The cats on the other hand don’t need to train me to do things.  If Alleycat wants to be picked up and carried around or if he just wants to sit in my arm and survey his kingdom, he’s able to convey his wishes with a gesture or a glance.   Maybe it’s telepathy.  You can feel what he’s thinking most of time just by looking at him, and his eyes carry messages to me across the spaces between us.  Pink’s different; she just reaches out and takes whatever she wants with her little paw.  She talks all the time but she doesn’t need to say anything. That’s the sort of cat she is.  You can’t say no to Pink.  She has ways of making us see when she isn’t happy and she usually gets what she wants in the end.Gimme that!

2 thoughts on “At the Ginge Club’s beck and call

  1. It’s funny how they have their ways… they just know what works.
    On Saturday after months of not seeing him, the Ginger Boy was waiting at the gate to where I keep my car. His Dad also knows where to find me when he wants a pat and a meal 🙂

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