Chips with everything please

blog 30 april 2013 024Do cats rate chips?  Bamber does.  I gave him a chip on my fork and he lapped it up. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. For the last month we’ve been in the throes of getting a new kitchen installed, and during the whole of that time we haven’t had water in the taps.  Hence we’ve relied on processed food and home cooking has eaten dust.  But Bamber loves rubbish food, he loves fatty chips, meat products laced with bad chemicals and oozy fatty liquors.  And that’s what this episode has taught us. It’s also reminded us how stubborn he is.  He refused to give up asking until he’d had his chips.  He sat on the edge of my plate and demanded them until he was given.


4 thoughts on “Chips with everything please

  1. Thanks for visiting Sam’s blog……as you can see, I’m a big fan of ginger cats! Love the photos of your gang. I’ve never seen if Sam likes chips but perhaps I’ll give it a go….he does have other favorites though like bacon and butter – not necessarily in that order!


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