Snatcher’s sending

Snatcher plottingThere was nothing magical about Snatcher, but years ago, when he stayed with the cats of the Six Foot, he managed to slip into Pink’s heart and make her adore him. They were often together, sitting on the elephant table or sunbathing in the yard, and they left all the difficult work to Bamber, and all the complicated work to Alleycat. It’s years since Snatcher moved away, but Pink still thinks about him. Every now and again she attempts to open the door to the room where he had his quarters. He slept in the middle of a big four poster bed and the Ginge Club steered clear of him and Snatcher wouldn’t have let them in even if they’d asked.  He didn’t speak to them much. Except for Pink. But now that he’s gone and won’t ever come back she often tries to cross into the room he occupied, as if a shadow of him might still be there, and Alleycat stands guard and watches the Six Foot and that door at one and the same time, because he can’t have anything bad happen to Pink, and if Snatcher had left a message it would be a trap as much as anything. Snatcher won’t ever come back, but Pink could get caught up in the idea of him ever so easily and if she saw his shadow or heard his voice she’d never be able to forget him at all, not ever, and she’d never be able to think about anyone else either. And no one, not even Pink, would want that. On the elephant table


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