Bamber’s true self

Bamber’s the most faithful, loyal animal that ever walked the earth. Dogs are meant to be loyal and true, and some of them surely are, but that’s because they know which side their bread is buttered on. Bamber, on the other claw, is as independent as he wants to be; he’s always out of doors, climbing, or exploring, and he’s often seen (more like glimpsed) on the topmost point of a pine tree, hundreds of feet above ground, swaying in the wind like a cat in the crow’s next. From there he scans the Six Foot, and the surrounds, and watches for encroachers and the onset of hostile forces. If we go out he climbs up there, to his lofty spot, and he watches and waits until we return, and when he sees us he slides down and greets us with a glad miaow. But he’s shy, is Bamber; he doesn’t like his picture taken, and he plays up extensively when he’s put on film. That’s him in the video trying to rip the camera out of my hands. He doesn’t need to look behind his eyes or hide from what’s there. He simply doesn’t care about that sort of thing at all.  He’s true to himself as much as he’s true to us.


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