The Royal Journey

When Alleycat wakes in the morning, the first thing he demands is a lift. I have to carry him around the house and display him to the other animals, so they can see how important he is. He’s like a medieval monarch, processing around his territory and going from place to place and showing off his power. They used to call it the Iter Regis. Alleycat doesn’t call it anything, but it’s the same thing. I’m his howdah, his sedan chair, and because he’s being carried everyone can see how important he is. That’s the point. It’s his Royal Journey and he likes to stop at key points in his Kingdom, just like the Kings did in Olden Times. They’d pray, or make a sacrifice, or eat a jolly good dinner depending on how they felt at the time, but Alleycat’s not interested in any of that. All he wants it to have me carry him. It’s no good going on the Iter on your own, obviously.


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