Pink’s cat dance

Pink’s a kitten and she always will be – or at least she’ll always be kitten sized and kitten-natured.  She’s nine going on ten but she’s still the smallest cat who ever lived and still about as playful as any cat can be.  It’s all because of the Six Foot.  Things don’t change much inside Alleycat’s boundaries.  Alleycat might gain a bit of weight, or lose a bit, but he’s still the same as ever; and Bamber’s still Bamber, only more so.  Of course, take a step beyond the Six Foot and it’s all different.  Snatcher used to live with Alleycat, and as soon as he left things started to happen fast, one after the other.  He went from house to house and owner to owner and now he’s living with a pair of old spell-casters in the village of Todmorton. Alleycat doesn’t need to go anywhere, nor do Pink and Bamber, because they have the Six Foot and the Six Foot is quite enough.


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