Alleycat’s second sight

In the temples of Old Egypt cats were trained to accompany the priest and assist him in the rituals, Drawer spaceand because a cat can see in the dark, the priest would take his cat with him when he went on sorties into the spirit world.  Both cat and priest would fall into a trance and off they’d go; the cat would precede the priest and be a sort of spiritual guide.  We humans lose our sight when faced with trance and mystery; but a cat well, a cat is almost as comfortable in the spirit world as he is in this, and that’s why the Egyptians revered them so and treated them like gods.  Alleycat knows the truth of this better than most and he sometimes goes on journeys of his own into the Hidden Kingdom, although he never actually moves at all; these are spiritual journeys, and it’s like he’s walking in the eye of the mind, exploring it, and although he never leaves the house he sometimes vanishes from sight for hours at a time and when he reappears he’s discovered in a drawer that’s always locked or at the back of a cupboard that’s never opened.  Once we found him in the attic, and that’s a place we never go apart from once a year when we get the Christmas decorations out.  This is why cats will stay in one place and never move a muscle and seem to sleep for hours on end; it’s because they’re walking an invisible country and this process requires them to be as motionless as possible in a physical sense.  Naturally Pink can’t observe this discipline.  She’s more like a playful human child than a cat and although she sleeps a lot she walks in the invisible kingdom barely at all.Pink's peek


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