The cat Knight Errant

Alleycat spends his time on his fences, watching, thinking, and gazing at the moon, Alleycat portraitbut Broadface is always travelling, bending the roads into a circle. Yesterday we saw him at the back door of the Raven Hotel, staring into the kitchens. The day before that he was in Bugle Street, walking along the kerb as if the kerb was a lay line and he had to follow it. Something keeps him going, that’s for sure. He’s old you know, as old as the hills, even older than Alleycat, and he doesn’t go to and fro like most cats, instead he goes on and on, and I don’t think anything’s ever going to stop him. And just as Alleycat’s magic is in the earth of Six Foot Way, so Broadface gets his power from his endless journeys, and between them in their different ways, Alleycat and Broadface keep watch on Dimchurch Spire.

Come gather round me people, and hear me tell the tale
Of a ginger cat named Broadface
Who lived upon the dale
Now Broadface liked to ramble, Broadface liked to roam
He kept the cats of Dimchurch safe
And he never had a home
Many a starving hedge-cat
And many a waif and stray
Will tell the same old story
How Broadface came their way
And found them in their darkest hour
And led them by the paw
Right back to the long lost country home
That never was theirs before
And Broadface he said nothing
He didn’t even stay
Just purred and purred without a word
And vanished on his way.

Pink perking upFor obvious reasons it’s very difficult to snap a picture of Broadface, but he sometimes comes into Alleycat’s garden and they talk and talk from dawn to dusk, and then Broadface carries on with his endless journey. It wouldn’t surprise me if Alleycat and Broadface were related. Sometimes I think that Alleycat may be Broadface’s son, but Alleycat and Broadface won’t confirm or deny it, and Alleycat has given Bamber and Pink strict instructions not to spill the beans. Pink always perks up when Broadface’s name comes up.  That’s her in the photo, hearing him mentioned.

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