The sign of paw!

I looked at Alleycat and he looked at me, then I hit the publish button and waited for the thing to happen.  Alleycat on guardI turned to Alleycat and said: The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom has been released into the world and it’s free to purchase from February 18 for two days.  No sooner were the words out than Alleycat relaxed visibly, stood down from my desk, where he’d been watching over me, and in the same moment that he descended to earth, my monitor gave up the ghost and exploded in my face.  A weird odour rose from behind the plasma screen and I looked at the dead surface and scratched my head and wondered what it meant.  There was nothing I could do to revive it.  It was gone.  Now, I don’t believe in coincidences, but why Alleycat was there, and why the monitor blew up on me at the exact moment when he jumped down from my desk for a well-deserved drink of milk– those are questions I can’t entirely answer or explain away. There’s no need to imagine that dark forces, or any kind of forces, were at work, or to suppose that Alleycat, by his very presence, had been responsible for keeping things going, and holding it all together until his Tale of the Hidden Kingdom was out there, running wild.  Of course, if there were invisible forces at work, I can’t imagine why they’d be interested in The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom.  It just seems odd, you know, and like I said, I don’t believe in coincidences.Having a rest


2 thoughts on “The sign of paw!

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    A fab post by George Collingwood on the publication of his new book, and sequel The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom, which I had the pleasure and the privilege of designing covers for.

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