The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom


The Lord of Six Foot Way

The next book in the Ginge Club’s story (The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom) is coming soon, with cover art by Dean Harkness, but Alleycat’s a bit worried because Lucy has found out about it, and being the silly Cocker Spaniel she is she’ll probably go hysterical when it’s available, just out of sheer excitement.  Imagine it; her name will be in print! She’ll run around the neighbourhood and say she’s a celebrity! Fortunately, Alleycat knows how to discipline dogs. He’ll explain that when he was young celebrities were special, like crystal, and not the ne’er-do-wells of nowadays. If argument doesn’t work he has other methods.  For example, when he wants a drink of water, he’ll use the dogs’ drinking bowl, just to show them who’s boss. This morning, he cocked a claw in Lucy’s direction and made her follow him; he led her into the kitchen and forced her to stand guard while he slaked his thirst, and I can report that Alleycat drank slowly, while Lucy watched and obeyed his commands to the letter.  The sentryI managed to snap a photo of him ordering her about (that’s him above) and  I even captured her standing sentry duty while he exercised his prerogative.  So you see, all’s well in the Six Foot.  No celebrities here!  But,  in a way, Lucy’s right; The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom will be available for the kindle in the next few days and we all can forgive her for being excited about that!  I’m excited as well!


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