This morning Alleycat was nowhere to be seen and even Bamber was a bit worried Bamber was worriedand kept going in and out to look for him. It’s so cold at the moment that the cats barely go out at all unless they have to, but there was no sign of Alleycat anywhere and that wasn’t right. It was a horrible feeling, to think he might be lost or in danger and all on his own.  He doesn’t have any particular hiding places, he’s always exactly where he wants to be, and yet this morning he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I fetched a flashlight and looked under all the chairs. I lifted the cushions. I opened the cupboards and the wardrobes. I unrolled all the blankets and I looked under all the beds. No sign of him anywhere! To cut a long story short, when the clock struck one I called for Bernie and Lucy and said we’d better mount a search of the nearby gardens. Bamber was already out looking, but I knew that if anyone could pick up Alleycat’s trail it would be my cocker spaniels. I don’t mind telling you I was terribly worried, but Bernie gave a sharp little bark, to tell me none of that would be necessary, and I ran into the sitting room and there he was, Alleycat as ever was, stretching and yawning on the hearthrug. The search partyFrom the way he acted I knew he’d just woken up and I’m sure he’d been in the house all the time, invisible and secure. Going invisible is one of Alleycat’s special talents and he can do it at the drop of a hat and stay that way for hours, even days, so I guess that explains what happened this morning. He must have wanted a bit of privacy, so obviously he made himself look like the air and he slept all night and all the morning and no one knew anything about it.  He likes to pretend he’s just an ordinary cat, but it’s pretty clear from this little episode there’s more to him than meets the eye, even when he’s invisible.  Of course Pink snored through the whole thing.  She knew it was all a lot of fuss about nothing and yet I don’t mind telling you that when Alleycat showed himself the whole day changed for me and the dark clouds lifted and everyone’s mood lightened just like casting a spell.Asleep through it all

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