Cat’s Friday

It snowed my first day back at work after the flu, and while I was waiting for the 08:05 at Dimchurch I saw a strange sight.  Pink by the woodburnerI was in my usual place, at the end of the platform where there’s a sign to say that passengers aren’t allowed.  The snow was pristine, no footmarks at all except for mine, and yet there were a few cat-prints, just one pair, and the odd thing was that these prints started at the edge of the platform next to the tracks and went a few steps, then vanished abruptly.  I stared at the prints and wondered who had made them and why.  At first I thought that someone must have picked the cat up and carried it off, but that wasn’t it because there were no human prints.  Then I wondered if the cat had taken to the air and flown away, but that was a silly thought because pigs may fly, but cats can’t.   After a bit I realized what it was.  The early train had stopped there and a cat had stepped down from the guard’s van, walked a few steps, looked up and down the platform, then climbed back on board, just like the human train guards do.  I should have known that that’s what it was, because the sign that tells the humans they can’t go any further along the platform doesn’t apply to cats and they don’t pay any attention to it; so obviously that’s where all the felines climb aboard.  I told Pink about it when I got back home but the only thing she’s really interested in at the moment is the woodburner.

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