The Expanded Cat

This post is late because I’ve had a bad case of influenza,Alleycat the Sagebut even so I’ve got something unusual to tell you.   On my way home from work, the day before I fell ill, I saw a cat on the train in the guard’s cabin.  I was at the end of the carriage, facing towards the back with the guard’s little office right in front of me.  The train stopped a bit too suddenly as we were pulling in to Dimchurch and the door to the guard’s compartment jolted open.  Through that door I glimpsed a small, stubby man; he was dressed in old fashioned clothes, like they wear on the heritage railways, and there was a cat on his lap staring up at him.  But that wasn’t all; the human lifted a thin glass phial to the cat’s lips and tipped a green liqueur out of it into the animal’s throat.    And you know, the weirdest thing of all was that the potion (or whatever it was) smoked when it made contact with the air.  It actually smoked! And the cat gulped it down greedily.  Obviously I told Alleycat all about it when I got home and although he pretended to be interested, I don’t think he was particularly impressed at all.  He’s far too old and dignified to let anything take him by surprise.


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