A secret stash of feline cash

Yesterday I got to thinking about the time Bamber got stuck in the chimney At homeand all at once I realized that it wasn’t just him being silly and taking risks.  Not many people know this, but cats of a certain stamp (nasty cats like Snatcher for example) use all sorts of places to stash their secret cache of contraband feline treasure. By treasure I mean anything shiny and white and round and moonlike. Bamber spent two days in that flue, stuck, missing from home, and he had to be set free by the person who owned the house (it wasn’t our chimney).  Now that I think about it, I’m sure that when he came home he was carrying something on his tongue, something round and pale and glistening.  I only glimpsed it for a second (he’s very careful about things like that)  but putting two and two together I think it must have been a pearl-drop ear-ring that Snatcher had stolen from us months ago, and Bamber’s mission had been to get it back.  We found it in the spare room the very next day.  Snatcher may have been one of those rotten obake after all – the sort they call bakeneko.


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