The normal cat

I don’t have much to say at the moment because since Pink kicked the firework the cats have been locked in for their own good, not as a punishment, but simply because cats and fireworks don’t mix.   This has given me a chance to meditate on their qualities and now I see clearly how eccentric they all are.  Take Alleycat for example.  The neighbourhood cats are all susceptible to illness, to cold, to pestilence, or simple old age, but he goes on and on from year to year the same, and in a way that’s how he draws attention to himself.  Pink’s not normal either.  I mean, she kicks fireworks! Thank the stars for Bamber!   If it wasn’t for him the whole Ginge Club would be mad.  That’s him in the picture, taking his ease in the normal way, while the Catherine Wheels hum in the garden next door.  Maybe he’s mad too!


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