Courage under firework

When the lightning shot out of the ground (in the last post) Pink didn’t run and Pink didn’t hide.    The fact of the matter is that Pink’s a marvel for courage and fortitude and she’ll attempt feats of daring that no other cat will contemplate.  Last night a firework landed on top of the car-port.   Alleycat was mightily put out, Bamber more so, but Pink simply walked up to it and flicked the smouldering remains off into the gutter with her tail.  No one, not even Alleycat, would have attempted anything quite that intrepid, and yet at first sight Pink is the incompetent, stay-at-home type, and often she doesn’t go out of doors for months on end.  But now and again you’ll find her in the most perilous situations, just as if she has to prove to danger that she simply doesn’t care; and then danger has to treat her with respect and leave her alone and admit that it can’t harm her one bit.


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