Alleycat’s other side

The other day there was an explosion under Alleycat’s fences.   It shivered up and down the Six Foot like a bolt of lightning ripping through the earth.  We had a team of landscape gardeners working for us at the time, and they were in the middle of excavating a new post-hole when it happened.  Something a lot like lightning rushed out of the ground (out of that hole) and ran up the arms of the gardener and almost killed him.  Everyone was shaken.  I had to call in the electrical supply company and they pretended that the mains cable runs right along the front of our property. I guess they had to explain it somehow. But I know that Alleycat’s magic is buried under those fences, and he keeps it there, hidden, strung out along his perimeters, and if anyone tries to cross his boundaries uninvited something always happens.   It’s not always as dramatic as a bomb going off, but its part and parcel of magic that it’s always secretly something else, like a pearl in the shell of an oyster, or the dark side that the moon never shows us.


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