The Hidden Kingdom

The next book in the Ginge Club series will be available soon.  Dean Harkness is doing the artwork and there’s a bit of info on the blog.  Now, I wish I could say that I haven’t posted because I’ve been busy writing,  but that isn’t true and I haven’t been working hard at all.  The reason for the hiatus is that we were in Harrogate recently, staying at an old, historical hotel.  It’s the same hotel that Agatha Christie ran to and hid herself away in when her marriage fell apart and she needed space.  Bamber was waiting for the car when we arrived back home and turned into Bugle Street; he must have heard us coming, or scented our approach, and he made sure he was there to welcome us.  Pink and Alleycat were less forgiving.  One of our friends was in the house looking after things and while we were away the cats behaved impeccably, but as soon as we came back Pink and Alleycat went mad.  That night they both slept on my head; and Pink decided to change her toilet habits and instead of using the litter tray or some other appropriate receptacle, she decided to go in the bath.  This was a probably a ploy on her part to appear more eccentric than she really is, but Alleycat has been behaving oddly as well.  Since we came back he doesn’t venture out of doors.  Instead he stands in the hall and stares at the shelves in the alcove.  It looks like there should be a door behind the shelves; someone told us that the house had a cellar at one time and we’ve wondered if that’s where it was, but we’ve never been able to find any evidence of either a cellar or a door that may have led into it.  All I can tell you is that Alleycat’s taken to staring at that alcove and occasionally he goes up to it and sniffs it carefully as if he knows there’s something interesting behind it.

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Kingdom

  1. Most of the things in the blog happened the way I’ve described them. The things I say in my bio about vats of glue and gypsies etc, are stories that have been handed down through the family, so I can’t be sure if they’re all accurate, but I think there’s as much truth in them as there is in anything. The rest is all based on things the cats do all the time. For example, in our house there really is an alcove that might have had a door behind it once, and Alleycat really does stare at that alcove as if he can see something behind it and wants us to see it too.

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