Alleycat’s secret magic

Some say that Alleycat’s afraid of his own magic, because he keeps it buried and out of sight.   But those who are in the know could tell you (if they had a mind to) that keeping knowledge secret is part of its power, and just as the moon looks brightest in the darkest sky, so cat magic reaches its height in the hour when darkness covers all.  That’s why Alleycat buried his magic pearls in a ring around Six Foot Way, and for years and years he’d never admit to keeping a single pearl on his person.  Another thing that isn’t widely known is that Pink is the prettiest and the finest pearl that ever was, and that’s why she came to Alleycat’s house in the first place. She was drawn there, so to speak, by an unbreakable bond a bit like the tides are hauled by the moon. And if cats have a religion or a faith it must be that the moon’s their changeless, changing friend and the phases of the moon are a sign that everything renews itself and nothing is ever a secret forever.


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