Cat magic

There are three circles of cat magic.  Bamber sits in the first circle.   Now and then the desire of ancient days comes over him, and the world goes dim and he seems to be walking in another place, in the temples of old Egypt, where the priests are chanting the word for Fire and the word for Moon and when they say the word Invisible, everything goes dark around him and no one can see him because he’s more in that world than he is in this.  Once or twice he’s managed to escape from his enemies like that, and slip by them without being seen.    The second circle of magic is where the old cat-wizards sit and watch the stars and talk to the skies and examine the future and the past – cats like Alleycat who’ve learned to commune with the moonlight.   Finally, there are cats like Pink who don’t know what they know and yet they know pretty much everything.   They sit in the third circle and everything they see reminds them of a dream.   On the other hand, dogs and other sorts of creatures know little of these things, which explains why cats usually manage to look down on them.


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