Fear of dog

Alleycat’s been under attack from a tooth,  now it’s Bamber’s turn, and he’s got such a lot of pain that he can’t eat a shred of meat, and all he can do is stare at his bowl and silently wonder when the pain will go.    Of course he doesn’t complain, and because he wouldn’t say what was wrong we thought that Pink had cast a spell on him.  That little pink cat has power, and she is dangerous, but it turns out it’s just an attack of tooth, and nothing to do with Pink at all.  Pink won’t use her powers to do good things; she’s much too pretty to be bothered with any of that.  Cats are encroaching up and down the Six Foot, but she leaves all the fighting to the boys and Bamber can’t do very much of that at the moment because of his tooth problem.   It’s all down to Alleycat, and he’s old and fat and out of practice.  Time was, an encroacher would take one look at him, standing foursquare in the Six Foot, and simply run for it, but now he has to use his cunning.  He refuses to use his magic, because he’s far too good at it and it would be rather like showing off.   So instead of doing what’s easiest, he’s made a network of lairs in the jasmine that overhangs the fence, and when an alien cat passes underneath he drops down on the miscreant’s head and that cat runs for it, because the dogs instantly hear what’s afoot and they rise from their torpor and run into the garden, barking like savages, and that’s enough to put the fear of dog into any cat.

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