Prodigal Pink

Pink’s OK.  Alleycat found her on a neighbour’s front path and he says she’d been in the house and flirted with the lady who lives there.    Alleycat explained: “It’s easy for Pink.  She’s our Princess, our mascot, our good luck charm. She’s the most important piece in the puzzle of the Ginge Club.  We’re all here to serve her, more or less, and she can do what she wants and worry us as much as she likes, because we all love her.”  Bamber and Alleycat can’t control Pink and their lack of influence drives them a bit bonkers.  Bamber’s so upset he can’t eat with the other cats anymore and  Alleycat’s no better off.  He’s so pleased with himself since he found Pink and brought her home single-handed that he’s become insufferably conceited.  He waits at the foot of the stairs and he won’t stop miaowing until someone tells him what a fine fellow he is.  Then after a bit he starts miaowing again.  That’s him in the photograph, leaning on the stair gate with his front hands, watching for someone to show off to.


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