Pink in peril

Something’s afoot in the Six Foot.  Pink normally doesn’t go out of doors for months on end and yet recently she’s spent whole days and nights on sentry duty on the back fence.    For just the same reason Alleycat’s been at the front, and I know that both these cats are watching for encroachers.  Encroachers are strange, alien cats from far away (anything further than two streets distance).   Alleycat’s made a forest of branches in the lilac tree at the corner of his lawns, and he sits day and night in concealment, staring out, and he watches the front of the Six Foot, while Pink observes the gardens at the back.  And where is Bamber I hear you ask?  He’s up in his high tree, his home from home, talking to the breezes, and if cutthroat cats were ever to attack the fences, he’d be too far away to answer Alleycat’s summons.  Alleycat’s best hope of immediate support is from the dogs, Bernie and Lucy, who’ll always come when he calls.  He’s trained them, you see.  The one bright spot in all this is that Pink watches the back of the house, where no one can see how beautiful and peculiar she is.  If anyone knew she was there alone, so far from Alleycat’s protection –  if anyone even suspected that to be the case we’d all be really worried.


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