Alleycat and the UFO

Last night Alleycat gave a warning miaow and jumped up on the sitting room window.    He tapped the glass with one of his claws as if to say: Up there! See it?  and at his command we ran into the garden to check that the fences were all right.   I listened intently for anything unusual, but all I could hear was the wind, and then, all at once, I saw the UFO.   Now, because I’ve never seen a UFO before I examined it carefully, just to make sure it wasn’t a trick of the moonlight, and I’m sure that it wasn’t anything like that.  Next to me Pink was already up on the fences staring at it with her great green eyes and warbling at Alleycat in cat-speak.  Alleycat jumped up and joined her, and both cats stared at the little craft as it traversed the sky in absolute silence and vanished behind the low lying clouds in the direction of Bugle Street.   I like to think of the aliens, looking down at the Ginge Club cats and saying to each other that there, at last, they’d discovered the intelligent life that they’d sailed so far through the solar winds to seek.


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