Alleycat’s jangle

The dogs can’t bear it when the cats appear in high places.    It pains them greatly when Pink appears on the tall fence right over their heads or looks down on them from the roof of the carport.    They leap at the fence and yell at the top of their voices, but they can’t ever reach her, and all they can do is ask where Alleycat’s going, or demand to be told where Alleycat’s been, and Alleycat occasionally sings a jangling sort of song at them from the branch of an overhanging tree, and this makes them madder than ever and causes them great displeasure.  Up they leap at him and Alleycat warbles in their woolly faces and says:  I  go where I please, I climb all the trees, I go where I go, and only I know what it’s like to be there, drinking the air, alone in the night in the moon’s friendly light.  And the dogs look at one another and run indoors and cover their faces with their ears, because it’s all too much for them.


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