The Cats’ Parliament

Last night I looked out of the window and saw a Cats’ Parliament in the Six Foot.  Dozens of cats sat in the moonlight listening to Alleycat pontificate.  The sun lamp

Bamber was one of them, because he’s Alleycat’s second-in-command, but Pink has no truck with that sort of thing and her absence didn’t surprise me at all.  Alleycat’s not much good at politics if truth be told.  He’d never lie to anyone or do anything underhand, and he often tells the neighbours what they don’t want to hear just because he thinks it’s good for them.   But Pink likes to stay indoors and talk to me instead, and when she goes out (which isn’t often) she gets into terrible scrapes and has to be rescued by the other cats.   She doesn’t lose any sleep if anyone thinks  she’s politically naive and deep down she knows she’s wiser than any of them.  When she says she doesn’t understand politics that means she understands it all too well.


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