Alleycat’s Niagara

Alleycat seems like any other cat, with four legs, four feet etc. etc. but he’s got hands as well.   That’s how he’s able to open the cat flap when it‘s locked (he does this all the time) and that’s how he turns on the tap in the upstairs bathroom when he wants a drink.  He does these things all the time.  This evening I got in from work, went into the utility room and heard the water gushing like Niagara.  I instantly realized that Alleycat had done something and I ran to find him in the bathroom, on the rim of the basin, sitting next to a tap that he’d turned on to the full. He was very proud of himself.  I’m sure he isn’t the only cat who’s capable of these feats of dexterity and insight. Most certainly, other cats can do more than we think (maybe more than they think) and if all cats followed Alleycat’s example they’d soon be in charge of the world and we’d be their servants, fetching them bowls of cream and handing them plates of caviar.


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