Nobody likes Snatcher.  When he first came to the Six Foot he stank like a sewer, and right from the start he was bent on destroying everything he touched and stealing everything he could see.   He was only a kitten then, but he managed to drag all the other cats’ beds into the spare room (where he had his lair) and he piled them all up in the middle of the four poster bed around the red silk cushion he used as his throne.   By the time he’d finished with that room he’d torn all the wallpaper off the walls and slashed the bed-clothes to tatters.  He also had a  monumental stash of contraband under the wardrobe and if it hadn’t been for Alleycat he’d have broken Pink’s heart as as well.  Some of Snatcher’s wicked escapades are referred to in the book of the Ginge Club and if you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean.  Snatcher left the Six Foot years ago, but we speak of him almost every day!


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