Pink in the sunbeam

Today, just now in fact, I almost stepped on Pink by mistake, because she was curled up inside a sunbeam and I couldn’t see her.    She was literally asleep inside it and the yellow light was covering her up like a cloak.  Her coat isn’t exactly the same colour as the sun (only nearly so) but I can guarantee that when when I almost stepped on her, Pink and the sun were virtually one and the same .  Of course, cats have a knack of concealment, of hiding in open sight, and this was just one of those cases I suppose.   Neither of the dogs cares about hiding anywhere.  All they want is to bark, eat, sleep, run, and bury their bones in obvious places.   On the other hand, dogs can be sensitive.  Lucy’s suffering from a rather nasty skin condition at the moment and we’ve had to buy her expensive food from the butcher (high quality, only the best) and her mother Bernie’s jealous as sin.  You see, Lucy’s prone to anxiety and she just can’t hide it.


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