Emperor Alleycat

Alleycat’s been poisoned, lost half his body weight and two of his biggest teeth.    The vet said he was on his last legs, kidney’s shot, gums ravaged, strength gone.  Only he isn’t and he wasn’t.  Since his illness he can vault a five bar gate in a single bound and when the dogs get in his way he leaps on their heads and pogos off them.   As well as all that physical power, he’s developed various commanding miaows that he employs when he wants the Man with Windows for Eyes to do his bidding.  He never used to speak at all before he was ill.  It’s as if his suffering made him not only twice as strong but twice as quick witted and clever.  The dogs are in total awe of him.  He’s been seen talking to the birds as well, telling them where to fly and who to spy on.  This is a picture of Lucy, prostrating herself before him.  Of course, if anyone ever tried to injure Alleycat both of our spaniels would rise up and fight to protect him.  They’re his loyal bodyguards and he’s like an old Roman Emperor who sits in state on his throne and clicks his claws when he wants something done.


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