Alleycat’s umbrella

Every morning, for months now, Pink’s been stood on the newel post when I leave for work, staring at the front door and refusing to move.    A cat has to do more with herself than that and obviously I ‘ve been worried.    On Friday I asked the Looking Glass Lady to keep her weather eye on things while I was out and send me a report.   And what do you know!  As soon as I left for work, Pink climbed down, ran into the garden and jumped up next to Alleycat, and the two of them sat all day on the fence post, under the bushy layers of the umbrella tree, staring along the Six Foot.  I don’t flatter myself that Pink and Alleycat were waiting for me to come home, but the pair have been there for weeks now, in fair weather or foul, and always when I’m out.  Personally I think they’re expecting a message from Colonel Digby, but whatever it is, it’s lucky they have that umbrella tree to shelter under!


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