Cat-Colonel Digby

It’s been a while since I posted because last week my PC was struck by lightning and it’s taken a few days to fix. There’s something I wanted to tell you, though.    An odd thing happened at the weekend.  We were walking the dogs along a footpath, with a cottage on one side, and a hedge on the other, and in the hedge there was a nest and in the nest there was a cat. Now this wasn’t just any cat.  He was grey, like a marauder, and we knew right away that it was Colonel Digby himself. The dogs usually go mad when they see a cat that they don’t know out of doors, and yet they didn’t turn a hair when they saw the Colonel and he didn’t turn a hair at them. Either the dogs didn’t see him (unlikely) or else they knew him already.  And if they knew him it can only mean that Alleycat had introduced them and ordered them to leave well alone.  Alleycat’s friendship with the Colonel is well documented, so I’m sure that’s what happened.  No one’s ever snapped Digby, so here’s a photo of Pink instead.


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