Alleycat looking sharp

In the last few months Alleycat’s been poisoned, lost half his body weight and for a while he had to stop eating and drinking.   Now he’s lost one of his big front fangs.  This hasn’t phased him though.  He’s still  as wise as ever he was.  Today we were all watching telly, when he decide to jump up and point out of the window with his front hands.  We didn’t know what was going on, but when we opened the window we heard a hoarse, throaty rushing noise, like a hot wind being sucked up the chimney. Only there wasn’t a fire.  And there wasn’t a wind.  There was just a hot air balloon , dipping low (too low Alleycat thought) over the roof of the next door house and the balloon’s burner was going on and off, to make it gain height and drive it up.  Alleycat had seen it or felt it over us, and thought we ought to be told.  I tried to snap of a picture with my camera, but it didn’t come out.  Here’s a photo of Alleycat instead, looking pleased with himself.


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