Pink and the butcher’s bicycle

Have I told you how I encountered Susan Skew in the Six Foot?  Anyone who’s read the Ginge Club will know that Skew is an ancient, cat-eating witch of the old school, yet there she was, standing in the Six Foot as large as life and trying to get me to talk to her.    Because of that encounter, I know that in the real world Skew rides an old black butcher’s bicycle with a basket on the front.  I’d had an of intimation of her presence a few days previously, because I’d been out walking the dogs when a young woman stopped me and gave me a card, with details of a cat that she’d  lost and was desperate to find.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her dear little tabby was probably beyond help in Skew’s dungeon, and I wasn’t surprised when Skew was seen in the Six Foot the very next day.  She was talking to Pink, tempting that little cat to climb on the butcher’s bike and ride away with her.  Now, Pink is so trusting that she’d probably have hopped right in the basket and that would have been that, but as soon as Alleycat heard Skew’s  voice he called for Bamber, and both the boy cats ran in front of Skew’s bicycle and knocked her off it as she rode away.  A bit later, we found Pink in the bushes, wrapped up in a white blanket.  She didn’t want to tell us what had happened.  I don’t think she was particularly upset, but it was just a few days later when the first of the poisonings came to light and we know that Susan Skew was quite definitely behind it.  By the way, no one should worry about Susan being hurt when she fell off her bike.   I can assure you that she bounced.


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