Pink lightning!

Pink is little and she’s also a little bonkers.  Just to show how small she is, here’s a picture of her next to Bernie the cocker spaniel. She’s the smallest cat in the Ginge Club by far, and yet she’s inclined to do mad things and act like she’s indestructible.    Yesterday, I was working on the blog when I heard a clap of thunder and instantly thought: Where’s Pink and Bamber? Alleycat can look after himself, so of course he was already indoors, watching the storm develop.  Out I ran, and what do I see but Pink on the highest point of the car-port, and Bamber next to her, both of them staring across the valley at the blackest storm-clouds you’ve ever seen racing their way.  At first I thought they were too scared to move, but that wasn’t it at all.  They wanted the lighting to come, and they wanted the wind too.  They were waiting for it.  Their whole body language said as much.  They were excited, and they wanted to feel it more and more.  Now Bamber can cope with virtually anything, but Pink may be the smallest cat who ever lived and so we begged her to come in.  Eventually she scrambled down, albeit reluctantly, and stood in front of the kitchen door.  We tried to gather her up but at the last moment she changed her mind and ran off down the path that is known as Alleycat’s Desire.  At the third attempt we managed to catch her, and bring her indoors, but it wasn’t easy.  She was desperate to stand under the lilac tree and bathe in the lightning when it came.  She thought it would be fine.


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