Bad Snatcher

It isn’t mentioned in the stories of the Ginge Club, but the Car-man’s always wanted to live on a quiet country lane in a little Cotswold Village, in a chocolate box cottage, with an apple pie cooling on the window sill and an open fire for the winter nights. But that dream is over. When he moved into that cottage with Snatcher, Snatcher broke into the next door neighbour’s kitchen; he terrorized the neighbour’s cat, ate the cat’s food, left poo in the cat’s bed and fouled the cat’s bowl. That cat has developed a nervous condition. He can’t go out of doors alone in case Snatcher finds him. He has a kink in his tail and a quiver in his voice that was never there before and no psychologist will ever restore the poor creature’s peace of mind.   But Snatcher did worse than that.  The Car-man’s other neighbour was a knight of the realm and a true gentlemen.  Snatcher broke into his house in the dead of night, stowed away under the bed and when the poor man was asleep he screamed in his ear at the top of his voice and jumped on his head with all his force. Fortunately that man was fairly robust and he forgave Snatcher’s bad behaviour, but no one can make Snatcher better because he likes being bad. When he lived in the Six Foot with Alleycat, Alleycat made him an honorary member of the Ginge Club and in return Snatcher stole the Looking Glass Lady’s pearls, and hid them under a creaky floorboard in the spare room. But although he’s let everyone down, ruined the Car-man’s peace of mind, turned the neighbours against him and driven him out of his precious, picture-perfect cottage, Snatcher and his owner still love one another. That’s why Snatcher keeps on behaving badly and it’s also why Alleycat will never entirely turn against him and make him leave the Ginge Club. He’s loved because he’s bad and we’d all be terribly worried if he started being good!  That’s Snatcher in the picture, from when he was living with Alleycat in Six Foot Way.

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