Fat Alleycat’s magic

Alleycat used to be so fat that his head was almost invisible on account of it being the only thin bit of him. Then someone (not a cat-lover) put poison down in her garden, ostensibly to kill a big tree, but managed to decimate the local cat population instead.  Many cats succumbed.   This proved once and for all that Alleycat is wise to be fat, because his fat saved him, and that’s a sort of magic.  There used to be a gang of big white devil-cats (not fat, just big) that Alleycat had trouble with.  They’re mostly dead now, poisoned, and they were as big as greyhounds.   But Alleycat is still fighting fit.  His fat saved him you see, and when the poison tried to kill him he just got thinner and thinner, until suddenly he was well again.  Bamber on the other hand will never be fat, because Alleycat makes him work so hard.  He has to patrol the bounds of the Six Foot (where Alleycat lives) and make sure that none of the rival gangs encroach.  Recently, though, Bamber had a spot of trouble and fell out of a big tree and broke his toe.  No one knows how he could have let that happen, because Bamber’s normally such a clever climber, but rumour has it that he fancied a rest and wanted Alleycat to do some work for change.  Fat chance of that!  For the moment Bamber spends all of his time lolling on the sofa, while the Man with Windows on his Eyes and the Looking Glass Lady fetch and carry for him.    That’s Bamber in the picture, enjoying himself.

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