The chimney adventure

Some people think that the tales of the Ginge Club are made up, but in fact everything that’s written down in the tales is based on real events.  If Bamber is the finest steeplejack in the Ginge Club, that’s because he really can climb higher and stay aloft longer than any cat in the neighbourhood, and sometimes he goes too far (though going too far doesn’t bother him at all).   Once he hauled himself up on one of the neighbouring houses and climbed on to the chimney pots.  While he was up there he lost his grip and fell down inside the chimney, so instead of being the cat in the well he was the cat in the flue.   He was trapped in there for three long days and three old nights, and  because the fireplace had been blocked he couldn’t get out.  In the end, he had to make a hullabaloo, and when the neighbours heard it they tore down the boards that they’d covered the fire with, and out Bamber popped.    He came straight home, but he’s still inclined to take risks and he still likes to climb, just like in the stories.   Pink, on the other hand, is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, because she really can’t cope out of doors.  Recently she’s asked us to transport her from place to place in a shopping bag.  That’s her in the picture, telling Bernie how nice it is to be carried everywhere.


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