The cats of Venice

An odd thing happened recently, when the Man with Windows for Eyes and the Looking Glass Lady were in Venice on their holidays.   The Car-man was there too, all dressed in black, with his gangster glasses on.  Alleycat stayed at home, as he always does, to make sure that nothing untoward was taking place in the Six Foot, and to look after Bamber and Pink.   Naturally, he’d asked the Man to look out for cats, while he was away, and he’d given him the names of a few important Venetian felines he’d corresponded with in years gone by.   Now, amazingly, there were no cats visible in Venice at all, not even one, apart from a single Ginger Tom whose name we can’t divulge.  There were dogs though, lots of them, and they were all just like the dog in the picture.  That dog is  Bernie, and she has a minor role in the Ginge Club.  Alleycat didn’t say much when he was informed of these matters, and he’s still trying to get the measure of it.  I’ll let you know if he ever works it out (I’m sure he will, he’s annoyingly clever!)  Can anyone out there tell Alleycat why there are no cats in Venice?

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