Ginge Club


The Ginge Club is the first book in  a series about the magical cats of Dimchurch Spire. ROLL UP for amazing tales of witches and their battles with Alleycat and his friends! GASP as Pink is kidnapped by skullion rats! CHEER when the Ginge Club comes to save her!  Has Alleycat forgotten all his magic, or will he remember it in the nick of time, before the witches and Snatcher take over completely? If Snatcher has his way, it’ll be Pink who pays the price!

The Ginge Club and the Hidden Kingdom
This is the second book in the series.    The witches are back in Dimchurch Spire and any cat they don’t like is taken away and disappeared.  Alleycat won’t tolerate that!  He refuses to give in, but  even his Ginge Club can’t fight the witches all by themselves.  When Dando the King of the Railway Cats offers his support can Alleycat trust him?  And even if he can trust Dando, is anyone strong enough to defeat the evil of Susan Skew and her wicked witch-sisters?

Dimchurch Spire
Dimchurch is the town where I live, and the cats in my stories are exactly like the cats I live with.  You can find out about the things I’m writing by checking back here regularly and if anyone wants to dig a bit deeper and find out more about Dimchurch Spire, click on the links in this blog.

The Ginge Club and the pirates
This is a book  about a cat, a witch and a surfboarding pirate.  Check the My writing link for the latest chapters.

The cat in the photo is Pink, one of the Ginge Club’s important people.  Pink wrapped upShe’s small enough to fit into tiny culverts and she can slide behind dressers and wardrobes, and slip through gaps in floorboards or behind holes in wainscots. I won’t say she’s as small as a mouse, but she’s one of the tiniest cats who ever lived and she has ways of getting into weird, uncommon places.  Once, a long time ago, she ended up in the sewers, where the skullion rats caught her and Alleycat had to save her. She’s promised to be more careful in future, but of course she’s bound to run into more trouble sooner or later.  If you want to know more about the scrapes she gets into you can find out lots in the stories of the Ginge Club.  She’s been stolen by witches twice so far, but both times Alleycat has managed to rescue her and bring her home safe and sound.

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